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The Road to Fashion Success!

Have you ever seen rich actresses show off an exclusive outfit? Chances are, they paid thousands just for the shirt they are wearing. You might gawk at its exquisite features, but think about it; how does it really look? Just gaze at its features a little more intently. You should then start to ponder Okay, six rings on each finger is really overdoing it, or wow, did I really think that those eight silver necklaces and her bedazzled shirt made her look pretty!? Creating the perfect look should not be challenging; all you need is pieces of clothing, a sense of style, and a little determination, and you can look chic and elegant in a matter of minutes. Slot Game Online.

Every designer, whether its fashion or house, has there own personal motto that they give to fans for advice on how to live. My personal motto is nothing but three words: Simple and Elegant. The reason for this is that you should not try too hard on perfecting one outfit. Chances are, it's not going to turn out the way you want it to, and you will get frustrated. The bottom line is, too much effort on a single outfit will not turn out nice. Slot Game Online.

Accessories are a vital part of everyday life. It can be used to spunk up your clothing in a friendly manner. Accessories are your friends; but you need to know how to use them. The only thing you should wear accessories with is a simple outfit. That way, that one accessory will bring out the beauty of the real outfit. Slot Game Online.

For example, let's say you were wearing a pastel purple top that goes a little past your waist. It has a loose, layered collar at the top and a 3-D light purple pastel flower with matching petals. As bottoms, you could be wearing dark gray classic pants that go to your ankles that have black stripes and those same pastel purple stripes. The outfit goes great together, but it is somewhat plain. To create the perfect outfit, add a braided brown belt loosely to your waist and, where the belt meets, is a large brown circle with decorations engraved into it. You have now changed a simple boring outfit to a simple elegant outfit. Slot Game Online.

Many questions might be popping into your head about now; how do you determine the matching combination of an outfit? What is the most important part of the outfit? What are some great tips on how to dress? Slot Game Online.

Let's take everything one step at a time; first off, matching combinations of any outfit. I would look for matching colors in the outfit and try to see what similar colors there are. For example, if you had black pants, you could do many different top colors, such as gray or pink. I like to call the color black a "friendly color" because anything goes with black.

What is more important? Some people might say the bottom is important, but in my opinion, the top is the most important piece of clothing. The reason for this is that it brings out the facial features and the hair. For example, if you have dark, mocha colored skin and dark brown hair, you should never wear any dark colors; for you, dark colors are what I call "unfriendly colors." Colors like black or dark brown will not bring out your beautiful facial features. An example of a perfect outfit is a long sleeved red sweater with gray classic pants. Wait, we are forgetting one important element; accessorize. Snatch on a layered gold necklace and a couple of gold bracelets to create the perfect look. Slot Game Online.

Now, let me summarize and give you a couple of tips to creating the perfect outfit. When you wear a tight shirt, you should wear baggy pants with it so it will show that you have a nice figure and vice versa. When you wear a dark bottom, you should wear a light colored shirt, or vise versa. If you wear black pants and a black shirt, you will look thinner, but it is too much of one color. That's why you should avoid same color tops and bottoms as a single outfit. When you wear a long top, always add a loose belt that will compliment your figure. Finally, don't over do it with your clothing because it will not look nice; too much is just too much! Slot Game Online.

Open your closet right now, and try picking out that new shirt that has been in there for months now, or those new shoes that you never found the perfect outfit to pair with. Soon, by have followed my simple tips, you will be able to wear clothing people in France wear for thousands of dollars... but you bought it half off at Macy's! Slot Game Online.

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