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Stylish Watches for Men

Maybe men do not seem to have the same selection of jewellery that women have, but this is just a superficial impression. Look more deeply at items being sold for men, and you will find that the variety is impressive. There is an enormous range of products out there to suit working husbands, sporting sons, and more.

Classic styles of men's watches, for example, are ideal for grandpa. His eyesight is probably not what it used to be, so he is not going to appreciate trying to read the time from a face without numbers. In his case, traditional numbering, a big round or square face, and a complete lack of other elements is perfect. Do not confuse him with additional faces within the face that tell him things he does not want to know.

That is, do not do this to him if he is 90 and he just wants to know what time it is. If he is a spry grandpa who still goes for his morning run, then by all means, give him the kind of watch that lets him know what his heart rate is; one with a timer so he can get into fighting shape for the next seniors' road race. Certain models highlight or magnify the minutes, just in case he should really be wearing reading glasses.

Men training for serious competitions need their time pieces to act like tiny computers. These chronographs keep time to the second, even to portions of a second. These are the fine distinctions against which professional competitors are judged. Medals can be won or lost by fractions of seconds. Counting his heart rate helps the sporting man to take care of himself, while GPS is handy if he is in a location that is unfamiliar. Orienteering is a sport unto itself, so having GPS on his wrist enables a man to guide his scout troupe or his family through a densely wooded area, to the place they aim to be. Since men never admit when they are lost or ask for directions, this could save your camping holiday from turning into a nightmare.

For dads and busy corporate professionals, the ideal watch will show the time of day, day of the week and the date. It will have an alarm on it to remind him that he has to pick up his daughter from school, or get to a baseball game his son is playing in. This watch can still be classy, appropriate for a corporate environment, while at the same time saving him from domestic doom.

Most time pieces these days run on quartz crystals, but batteries are still used by certain designers depending on what a watch has to do. For example, the lap-counting, GPS and heart rate monitoring kinds need to draw power from a rechargeable lithium battery. Quartz simply will not do the job.

In spite of its many features, a sports watch for men is surprisingly light. This is owing to the synthetic materials the band is made of, and its seamless design which does not require screws. The more hardware involved, the heavier a watch gets and the more likely it is to need repairs. Stainless steel, for example, is heavy. Mind you, lots of men like the feel of steel against their arms, or even titanium which is one of the latest trendy materials for men's jewellery. Besides, the back plates can be engraved. These are popular gifts from wives, mothers and long-time corporate associates. Receiving a watch to commemorate 21 years of service with a company is not uncommon. Take a look at the engraving every now and then. Your time piece becomes more than a functional item of dress: it is a reflection of who you are and what you mean to others.

The typical men's watch will feature a silver, gold, stainless steel, titanium or leather strap. The face will be made from one of these metals. These are timeless materials which, when added to a simple square or round face, form a classic look that transcends fashion trends. Several items on today's market, however, are made to be masculine, yet colourful and fun. The bands come in blues and greens, or they can be exchanged according to what the man is wearing. Taking them off and putting them back on again is simple. No longer are men cursed with boring jewellery: they get to enjoy colour too.

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