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Style Help For Men

While browsing through internet news this morning, I saw a headline that I found rather interesting. According to a recently conducted study, women who wear makeup are perceived as more likable, competent and attractive. Does it seem fair that we all subconsciously judge women in such a manner? No, it does not. But the fact stands that we, as humans, all judge other people based on appearance, because our brains are not capable of quickly processing who another person actually is an as individual. That takes considerably more time. The first snap judgment that we make of someone else, of his or her likeability and attractiveness and even competence, is made in only 16 seconds.

This, my friends, is why you must always strive to make a good first impression. Other people, both women and men, are formulating their first impression of you in just 16 seconds. I can tell you for sure that I do this myself (of course, we all do.) When I see another guy at the grocery store who is wearing a loose sports logo tee shirt, a baggy pair of sweatpants, and a pair of plastic flip flops, I make an assessment of him (and it's not favorable) in about 5 seconds.

So, it bears repeating that style encompasses so much: Style is about dressing to feel your best, to portray the most positive image of yourself, and to allow other people to see you in a favorable light, especially during those first 16 seconds. Wearing a freshly pressed shirt can say, "he manages time well." Donning necktie accessories says, "he has good attention to detail."

Feel like your style lately has been saying "I don't care"? You may be in need of some style help. Here are 6 quick and easy ways to improve your style and freshen up your appearance:

1. Invest in a great watch. Other people, men and women alike, notice watches. Invest in a nice, classic design that reflects your personality. It can help you to make any outfit look more dressed up, as well as make you appear more organized.

2. Add color to your wardrobe. Many men have a tendency to only dress in gray, brown and black. Adding color to your wardrobe can instantly way to add life back into an outfit. Try to wear the color close to your face, such as in a jacket, sweater, tie, scarf, or button down shirt, for maximum impact. Always try items on before buying them to make sure the color looks good on you and complements your skin tone.

3. Replace your sunglasses or glasses. Old fashioned rims instantly date you. For an updated look, replace your sunglasses or glasses. Glasses are a surprisingly easy way to look modern and fashion savvy. It is worth it to invest in a good quality pair that you really like, since you wear them on your face and people do notice glasses right away.

4. Layer and/or accessorize. Lots of men throw on a tee shirt and pair of jeans and think they're done. But accessories and layers really create visual interest. Try adding a vest over your tee shirt, a leather belt, or a sport coat over your normal button down shirt. A bag, a pair of cufflinks, or a scarf can really boost an outfit's level of interest. You should also own more than one nice tie.

5. Care for your hair. All people appreciate clean and well groomed hair, both on your head and on your face. If you have short hair, it is worth taking the time to visit your barber every couple weeks to keep it well trimmed. And if you have a longer hairstyle, don't let it get to the point where it looks shaggy and unkempt. If you are losing your hair, you may wish to try shaving it off entirely.

6. Only wear clean and tatter-free shoes. No exceptions, even just to the grocery store! It also goes without saying that you should never wear sandals with socks. Shoes can say a lot about you-- potential employers even sometimes look at a candidate's shoes to judge his or her attention to detail. So keep 'em clean and don't think of a pair of shoes as a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. They should be frequently replaced.

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