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More Than Clothing, a Culture!

T-shirts or tees as they are also called were originally worn under the shirts and blouses; a sort of underwear and they were also worn by miners, sailors and workers in hot climates. Still, for over five decades now, t-shirts have evolved and finally acquired their place as fashionable clothing in literally every closet. Slot Game Online.

Named after their outline shape, t-shirts have extended their initial form and nowadays can be found in many variations such as V-neck, sleeveless, tank tops and similar others at various lengths. Counting many styles for both men and women and for all age groups from infants to elderly, t-shirts can be worn at all times and occasions by virtually everyone. Although they are still mostly made of cotton, t-shirts have also expanded their fabric options and can be made not only of many cotton variations and qualities such as organic, thin, thick, etc but additionally of jersey, lycra and even of more sophisticated fabric such as cashmere and silk. Either as undershirts or as solo top or even on top of long sleeve shirts as trendy layering suggests in fashion, t-shirts are definitely among the easiest to wear, fashion clothing. Slot Game Online

Easily fit, easily maintained and affordable by everyone, t-shirts have become a mean of personal expression for over five decades now. Moreover, t-shirts have stamps evolved to a movable advertising medium as they are widely used by all kinds of brands for exposure purposes. Coming in countless styles and designs, decorative and embroideries, imprints and stamps, colorings and dye techniques, t-shirts will make a statement and support individual or collective style. Slot Game Online

Started in the late 1960's and early 1970's psychedelic patterns were very popular including pop art and floral motifs, tie-dyed colorings and stamps with peace, marijuana, flowers, etc., portraying the t-shirts as wearable art. Additionally, band t-shirts were introduced at that time and became widely popular with The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones top scoring among others. Back then, except for stating their music tastes and lifestyle, people favored the idea of protesting and declaring their political views through clothing so anti-war messages and revolutionary Che Guevara became very popular as well. Slot Game Online

Later on, in the 1980's, t-shirts were introduced in advertising, mostly by big and multi-national companies like Disney, McDonald's, etc. and within the decade their usage as advertising channel expanded widely. Currently, almost every company and business regardless their size, use t-shirts as a publicity medium. At that time, another t-shirt trend developed; that of fashion designers' t-shirts. Initiators for that trend were Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Guess and Gap, while many others followed shortly after. Decorated with large slogans or stylish patterns along with designer's tag, they came in style very quickly and enhanced designers' reach to a massive market. Slot Game Online

In the 1990's the designers' as well as the advertisers' t-shirts evolved massively along with movie t-shirts designs including characters, quotes, scenes and football replicas due to the extensive commercialization and appeal of football and several football clubs such as Barcelona, Manchester United, etc. Moreover, music t-shirts expanded widely, since almost all musicians from all genres have their collections of t-shirts. Countless band and artists' designs, albums, covers and concerts offering to fans and followers numerous choices.

At that time, vintage t-shirts were introduced and were quickly adopted and beloved by trend-setters. Usually vintage t-shirts are cropped, ripped, pre-shrunk, stone-washed or other similar techniques giving the t-shirts a rather used yet very stylish look along with modish and old style designs and patterns. Although at first they were popular only among fashionistas and trend-setters, shortly after they grew up to be widely favored and beloved.

Later on in the late 1990's and since the beginning of the 21st century, t-shirts developed into personal expression means; funny, humorous, ecological, protesting, ironic, shocking and often rather offensive messaging became an absolute trend for youngsters as well as for kids and adults.

Whether readymade or hand written, t-shirts offer to anyone the opportunity to state a taste, a belief, a dislike, a quote, etc. Being very popular also among celebrities, this kind of t-shirts further enhanced their position in the fashion industry and led the way for the newest trend to develop; that of customized t-shirt. Very much in style, customized t-shirts are well-liked and became very trendy in online stores where everyone can design his or her unique t-shirt. There are currently thousands of online stores selling customized t-shirts, offering consumers the opportunity to express their creativity and design skills and preferences. This latest t-shirt trend turned out to be the most popular among all others and previous t-shirt styles nowadays, since the choices one has are limited only by his or her imagination.

Therefore looking through their history and development, it is no wonder why t-shirts represent more than clothing, they signify a culture!

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