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How to Trim Your Hair Properly

Before cutting your own hair, wash it with shampoo and conditioner. Dry your hair with a towel. Fill a spray bottle with H20 and keep it near you in case you need to moisten your hair during the cutting process. You can also use a gel to keep your mane wet and prevent it from drying too soon. Comb your hair until it falls straight in your back. Slot Game Online.

With the help of the comb, divide your hair into even sections or 1/2 inch like when you are cutting your bangs and continue all the way in your face in front of your ears. Use rubber bands or clips to keep your remaining hair fastened in one side. There should be a straight line from the upper portion of your heads to the side portions. Carefully bring the upper portion of your hair in front of your eyes. Slot Game Online.

With the help of your nose as a base for the length that you want for your hair, clipped the hair to just the outer portions of your eyes. Your initial cut should begin at the tip of your own nose. If you want to make your hair shorter, clip higher but never higher than your nose bridge. There should now be a straight line from the outer portion of your eyes. This will serve as the guide for the remaining uncut portion of your hair. By cutting further below your nose, the longer cut will be.

With the help of a mirror, carefully comb the portion that you have just cut. Hold the hair between your middle and index finger by shaping it like a scissor. Cut the excess hair tips of this portion. What you are attempting to achieve here is a straight line while your hair pin up. You will have shorter haircut if you clipped too much. Use a comb to flatten the sides of the portion and pull it with your newly cut hair. Slot Game Online.

You can now immediately see it is longer compared with the portion of your hair that you have just cut. With the help of your bangs and pinning the side portions upward, make your succeeding cuts. After that, you can now easily see that your hair falls into layers. Divide another portion of your air from your ear with the comb forward and keep the rest of your hair tied away.

Comb the new portion of your hair upwards, pulling it with the first area that you have cut as a guide. It should be easily visible where the first portion was chopped off and the new portion that needs to be cut-off. Remember to cut the 2nd portion evenly with the first portion. Slot Game Online.

Carefully pull the side portions of your hair upwards to evenly cut it with your bangs. Continue dividing your hair and pinning it upwards and cutting it with the help of the previous portions that you have cut. Slot Game Online.

Avoid dividing too much of your hair for each succeeding cut since it will be very difficult to use your guidelines. Continue dividing your hair into portions until you have cut all of your hair until the back, pulling each part to check if it is the same length as the other portions of your hair.


Remember to keep your hair moist throughout the whole process to make it simpler to divide the hair that you are not chopping out of harm's way. Make sure that you are cutting each section evenly to avoid looking a like a punk with uneven cut hair. To create a longer haircut version, use comb to pull each portion of your hair upwards. Comb it little by little forward when making a cut. Slot Game Online.

This will leave you with a longer cut version in the back of your head, leaving your hair's front portion shorter. If you are cutting your hair for the first time, remember to only cut a smaller portion and make it longer little by little later on so that you can adjust with the look of your hair and how it is done. You have to use cutting scissors for this purpose.

This is the type of scissors that have a single hook off one of the holes. Do not bend your index and middle finger while using it as a guide to cut your hair. Check if you are making a straight cut from one ear to the other ear. Avoid tilting your cutting scissors because it will cause one portion of the cut to be uneven with the other portion.

Your cutting scissors should be sharp. A dull haircut scissors will only damage your hair. You should also that the blades of the haircut scissors should be keep closed to one another when cutting your hair to create even cuts.

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