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Five Must-Have Pieces in Your Closet

Five Must-Have Pieces in Your Closet - Every season in the fashion world, there is always something new, different and exciting. This is a good thing for models, designers and retailers, but the idea of changing your wardrobe every six months is an unheard of luxury for everyone else. Most of the time, we wear the same thing everyday: jeans or khakis, a shirt, a sweater or jacket when it gets cold. For excitement, we may add something trendy in the mix. Slot Game Online.

The only time this routine gets thrown is when a special event comes up. This can be anything from a job interview, a presentation, a reunion, a special night out. In preparation, we rush around, ask our friends what we should wear, and spend too much money on an outfit that we won't incorporate with the rest of our wardrobe. Slot Game Online.

This is why every woman should have a core of five pieces that can take her through just about any occasion. Thinking in separates, rather than in "outfits" provides more flexibility and savings in the long run. Buy the best you can afford, or look for quality pieces in outlet malls or designer discounters like Loehmann's to create a timeless, seasonless core of staples. Slot Game Online.

1. Black pants. A lightweight wool and lycra blend in a boot cut will really be something you can wear everywhere. In fact, if you could only have one thing on this list, this would be it. There are many choices. A cult favorite among New Yorkers and other urbanites is the Max C pant by Theory. These pants are very flattering and slimming. You can buy them at Bloomingdales, and other high end department stores, for around $240.00. Less expensive (but still pricey) options from DKNY, Jones New York, and Ralph Lauren are good quality choices, and come in a wide range of sizes. Finally, Express, The Limited and The Gap also make basic black pants, usually around $60.00. These pants are an excellent value, although they tend to be limited in their size selection. However, the Gap, in particular, has a wide range of cuts (curvy, straight) and this is a good place to start. Slot Game Online.

2. Blazer, or Jacket. If you can find one that is meant to go with the pants (either as a suit, or from the same brand) then this is the best solution. The jacket should be a simple, two button style with no padded shoulders or oversized lapels. It should match the black pants, so black or gray are the best choices. Avoid patterns, since you won't be able to wear it as often. Slot Game Online.

3. Dressy Blouse. Depending on your lifestyle, and where you live, "dressy" can mean a silk blouse, or a cotton work shirt---but it should definitely be one step more formal than everyday wear. Color choices could be powder blue, gray, or a rich jewel tone to match the black pants. Slot Game Online.

4. Sheath dress. I'm going to go against an LBD (little black dress) and recommend a navy or camel color instead. This is a less predictable, but more adaptable option, since black is too severe, especially for daytime functions. You can wear the dress alone or with the jacket. Women with casual lifestyles and/or tight budgets are probably hesitant to buy something that they will realistically only wear three or four times during the year, but the times when you will wear it are probably the times when nothing else in your closet will do. Fortunately, Target, Kohl's and Walmart sell well made sheath dresses for under $30.00. White House/Black Market and Calvin Klein are good brands to look for in the mid-priced range.

5. Low heeled, closed toe shoes. Because there wouldn't be any urgency, I would wait until I could buy a really nice pair on sale. Since shoes seem to be the singular item most women are judged on, this is the most important item. Strangely, this seems to be the one item that is lacking in most women's closet. I'm reminded of the "scandal" that erupted when a women's college softball team went to the White House to meet the President and a few of them were pictured wearing flip flops with their perfectly appropriate dresses. I'm not suggesting that one should always be prepared to meet the President (!) but in job interviews and other formal occasions, it's best to err on the side of being conservative, and this is what a closed toe shoe will do. Slot Game Online.

These pieces are the wardrobe equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. They are plain and utilitarian, and there are many other tools that can do a better job. But when you have nothing else, they are the things that will get you out of most jams. Fashion News.

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