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Do Clothes Make The Man?

Does the way a man dress really define who he is? When it comes to making a good first impression, menswear has been a hot topic as to its ability to make a lasting statement. Some will adamantly state that clothing makes the man. While others say it is not so important. Who is closer to the truth? Actually, it is not as easy to answer as you may think. If you ask someone in the fashion for men world, they would give you case studies of how their line of designer shirts and ties have changed the life of many ordinary men. However, if you ask the person on the street, they may go with a more personal attraction that caught their eye. Regardless to which side you take, you have to admit that dress style does play a part in our perception of a person. If it did not, we would have no need of mirrors; and that market does not seem to show any signs of going out of business any time soon. Slot Game Online.

Men and women alike accept the fact that the way they dress definitely makes people classify us; at least initially. When it comes to dress codes, there are different style preferences as well as degrees of expression. Some people may like a more casual look and that can tell a lot about the character of those who like that wardrobe style. But even in leisure wear, you have poles of preferences. One may like jeans and a t-shirt while someone else may feel at ease with khaki pants, cotton blend button shirt with a pull over sweater topped with a one hundred percent cotton ascot tie. Both of these are classified as casual wear, yet, they convey different messages about the wearer. One says common man, while the other says fashionable business man toned downed to a relaxed state. Neither is bad. Slot Game Online.

Both men may be in the same profession with equal income; but because the average person does gauge a person by first impressions and first impressions are usually visual, the way each is dressed will dictate how he will be perceived by the viewer. Granted, clothing does not get into the psyche of a person and reveal everything about them. However, the way we carry ourselves along with our dress sheds light on what we are made of. Swagger makes all the difference in our dress. This is one reason why so many are confused when a seemingly cultured, intelligent soul falls for someone who comes across in dress and attitude as a bad influence. There is a saying that goes, you can take the pig out of the pen, but you can not take the pen out of the pig. What it means is no matter how you try to hide it, your character will always shine through any exterior you present. Slot Game Online.

So in that sense, in and of itself, clothing can not make the man. Clothing is only an extension of the man. This is why a confident man can pull off any look. Take a look at today's fashion. It appears the homeless look is in vogue. Even the look of being under the control of an illegal substance finds itself among super models and people buy magazines and pack boutiques eagerly buying up that stuff while they give a pitiful glance at the one sitting on the sidewalk in the same attire. Slot Game Online.

The difference is the charisma and confidence that comes with the dress code. So you have to make sure that as you pick your outfits, they should make a statement about who you really are. A nerdy guy should never try to dress in a bad boy fashion if he does not have the ability to hold his prospect's interest. As soon as he has to give meaningful conversation inline with his outward appearance, the nerd persona will rule the day. Clothing gives the man the opportunity to show what he's made of, but not tell who he is. Slot Game Online.

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