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Choose Flattering Swimwear

No-one is perfect and everyone looks different in the mirror compared with how they are viewed by other people. However, if you don't think you look good in the mirror then you won't have the confidence to wear that killer swimsuit on the beach of your choice this Summer. If you choose carefully, a good swimsuit can hide what you believe are your imperfections and can draw attention to the assets you think are your best. A flattering swimsuit is only flattering if it looks good on you - never mind what it looks like on the models in the catalogues pages. Having said that, the flattering swimsuit will show off everything that is good about a woman's figure. There are some tips I would like to share with you that will help you decide on the swimsuit for you. These tips are based on a combination of the best colour, print, cut and lines:

1 - Use prints. Printed fabrics can trick the eye into following a different line to the one your body might actually possess. If you are self conscious and think that you look too thin in a swimsuit, be on the lookout for swimsuits with bold exciting prints in bright colours. This simple rule applies to both one piece suits and bikinis. If you are the opposite and want to take attention away from the fact that you are heavier, you will still find swimsuits with prints you can use, but in this case you should look for smaller prints on darker backgrounds and less contrast because this tends to have a slimming effect. Now, the interesting thing is that you can use this technique in combination, so if you have a boyish upper body figure but are fuller around the hips, then you could go for a combination of bold bright print on top and a darker, simpler bottom half. That's the power of using prints with the right combination of colours and patterns across different parts of the suit.

2 - Choose a one piece swimsuit if you are overweight, especially if you carry weight around the stomach area. One piece swimsuits will have the effect of smoothing out sagging skin too. Slot Game Online.

3 - Some people feel too exposed and uncomfortable in a bikini, especially if they are larger. It is important to choose a swimsuit that emphasises your best assets. If you have a classic hourglass figure, most one piece bathing suits will flatter you. If you have large breasts, look for a suit that has adequate built in support in the top so that you can show off some cleavage without looking trashy. If you have an amazing bottom, then go for a suit with a high cut skimpy backside. Slot Game Online.

4 - Have you heard of the Monokini. This is essentially a bikini that has some extra fabric joing the two halves together to essentially make a relatively revealing one piece swimsuit. This type of suit is ideal if you are pear shaped, i.e. your legs and bottom are larger than your bust and waist. This works because there is less fabric joining the top and bottom halves of the suit and so it draws attention to your torso and giving the illusion that it is longer and slender. This also means that attention is drawn away from your lower body. Slot Game Online.

5 - If you have small breasts then go for the classic triangle top. This doesn't just apply to bikinis, you can get the same shape in a one piece swimsuit too. Most of these types of top come with padding, some of which may even be removable, allowing you to create the illusion of larger breasts. Slot Game Online.

6 - If you are apple shaped, i.e. there isn't much difference in size between your top and bottom halves, then go for the suit that emphasizes both your chest and your bottom.

7 - Try a Brazillian cut bikini for a different shape on the beach. Slot Game Online.

8 - You could also look for a padded or push up type bra as part of a two piece bikini to draw attention to your assets.

9 - Don't forget that in some circumstances, swimsuits are not necessarily for swimming in. For some Summer adventures and perhaps cruises etc, the call is purely for fashion as the most it will be used for is sunning yourself at the side of the pool. Go for a bandeau, tube top or strapless one piece for this, especially if shoulder tan lines are a concern.

10 - If however, your activities will include some swimming you may want to go specifically for a one piece suit or a cropped top with a pair of swim shorts or trunks. Especially if your swim includes other activities such as pool games or aquarobics. The aim here would be for functionality over fashion. Slot Game Online.


Shop around. Just because you have heard of a certain brand of bikini or swimsuit, it doesn't mean they have something to fit the bill for you. Check out all the different brands and styles as they are extensive and so you are bound to be able to find something that is absolutely perfect for you.

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