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Buy An Engagement Ring and She Will Be Proud

When you propose marriage by presenting an engagement ring to your intended, the last thing you want to see is a look of disappointment fall across her face when she sees your ring. If the diamonds aren't sparkly enough, the ring metal all wrong and the style just 'not her' - you can be sure that she'll never feel truly proud to wear your ring. Worse still, she may refuse your proposal and the ring, or decide to take (it) off well before the wedding. So what you can do to ensure that your engagement ring is one she'll treasure? Here are a few suggestions. Slot Game Online.

Find out about diamond rings. This is really obvious, but before you even start thinking about the ring style she'll be wowed by, you need to know the basics about buying diamonds and diamond rings. This includes getting to grips with the so-called 4Cs - carat, color, clarity and cut. You'll find easy to understand information about the 4Cs published on many jewelers' websites.

Find out about her style - Talk to her friends, talk to her family - talk to your future mother-in-law. They know her even better than you do and should have a clear idea about what style or trends she likes.

Style influences - Which public figure or celebrity does she admire? You'll find plenty of ring design inspiration from the celebrities who are engaged and whose rings have been photographed and publicised. Slot Game Online.

Pinpoint her personality - Personality can help indicate style preferences.

A woman is soft-spoken, romantic and who tends to daydream usually gravitates to feminine and oh, so very pretty rings. Think shaped-diamonds such as hearts, pear and ovals set in antique-engagement ring styles.

A sporty type may want a more practical ring style such as diamonds in a pave band, rather than a solitaire diamond engagement ring that would constantly need taking off whenever she trains. Slot Game Online.

A very girlie-girl who loves to follow the latest fashions in dress, make-up and hair would be well-suited to colored diamonds, such as yellow and pink. (If you can't afford these stones which are often rare and hence expensive, think about using colored birthstones instead.)

A free-spirited, hippie type of woman may prefer a unique ring designed to reflect her very individual sense of style - think about using her birthstone in her ring, or gemstones with 'meaning' - perhaps include symbolic engraving on the band.

A modern, working girl who prefers a more urban look and who is happy wearing a suit and heels may like a bold statement ring, with a contemporary and cutting-edge feel. Fashion.

Look and listen - Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned in to what comments she makes about fashion and style, particularly in relation to jewelry. If she says nothing, start a conversation up based on something you've been reading in a magazine article or watching on television.

Use what you know - Once you've got a good sense of her style, start looking for ring styles that will suit her and your budget. If you've done your homework, you'll know how to buy cheap or expensive rings that look both beautiful and brilliant. A lack of budget should not mean blowing the proposal! Slot Game Online.

Get the ring style right, get the proposal right and your girl will be so proud to wear the diamond engagement ring you bought her. Good luck!

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