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3 Ways to Release Stress in a Healthy Fashion


Know your Body. We are all unique individuals with our own physiological make up and individualized internal systems that govern how we feel. If your naturally hot blooded, intense and direct, working in a fast paced environment that over stimulates your natural tendencies will most likely over time lead to inflammation, fevers, heart problems and or hot flushes. You see the environment in which we spend most of our time has a massive accumulative affect on our physiological systems and how they respond to stresses. Slot Game Online.

Another example; perhaps you are naturally imaginative, spontaneous, sensitive and resilient yet have not been yourself for awhile, perhaps suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression or physical pain. These are symptoms of accumulated stress that need to be addressed. Most of us think stress is an 'external factor happening to us', and while this is true, it is only half of the equation. The other half is knowing your body and working with its natural tendencies to avoid environments that aggravate in-built operating systems in your body.

Healthy, wealthy and wise individuals listen to symptoms coming from their bodies and adapt their environments in a holistic manner. In the first example above it would be wise to adopt some chill out time during the day along with adopting some slower activities to balance the natural tendency to go go go all day long. One can only consistently go go go before stress builds into a disease. Slot Game Online.

Many people with aches, pains, inflammation, insomnia (the list is endless) are actually suffering from accumulated stress because they are not in tune with the way their body naturally wishes to function. Key lifestyle choices based on holistic health principles make a huge difference in dealing with stress and fixing ailing long term aches and pains. Depending on the severity of the stress, some individuals may require a change of work environment in order to restore balance. Slot Game Online.

This is the fastest way to deal with stress for long term results because every stress is internalized by the body and no amount of generic one-off answers will fix the issue if the body is not restored to it's natural operating system and living in an environment promoting internal chemical balance. Slot Game Online.


Breathe and Visualize. Typically it is other people that stress us out right? We go about our days, living our normal happy lives and wham! Someone does or says something 'stupid'. Our usual reaction is to immediately say something, instantly respond (or at least perform a hand gesture if we are in the car at the time) This has an instant effect on the nervous system which causes negative chemicals to surge into our body and keep us 'clogged' in a negative state. Slot Game Online.

The next time something like this happens, before you react, breathe deeply, don't say or do anything, just inhale, hold it, hold it, hold it some more and slowly exhale and relax. This takes time and requires practice - it must be done as soon as something 'negative' arises, immediately take a large breathe and keep your mouth shut and your hands down. Slot Game Online.

As you exhale imagine the person (who just caused you to nearly stress out) in a large colorful clowns wig with a huge red nose and huge bright red clown image alone will help you relax and remind you that what ever was said or done had nothing to do with you and smiling about it is always better than fighting about it. The more you do this and the bigger and the brighter you make the clown visualization the better this works. I find it works well if you have a bossy person who gets on your case a lot, over time your entire energy towards them will change and your relationship will improve. Just by taking this approach alone you will immediately notice less stress accumulation in your life. Slot Game Online.


Wise people have a specific chunk of their day or week set aside for 'self time' or what I like to call 'play time'. This acts as an amazing stress outlet and often brings people into calmer less stressed states when performed consistently. Do something you enjoy and make sure you do it daily or at least weekly. Most of us had so much fun as kids just playing and being creative. Slot Game Online.

Think back to what you used to love to do as a child that you have not done for a long time, why are you not doing it? Find something that you enjoy which does not require you to think and can provide your entire being a 'time out'. Many of my clients have found something completely away from work that engages in no physical, mental or emotional concern works wonders for stress release and developing holistic health and wellness. Most people enjoy drawing, walking, window shopping, gardening, playing the guitar etc, Slot Game Online.

Your 'play time' needs to be away from work and business environments, and should be relaxed and performed on your own. Please note that many people come to me and say they use some form of traditional exercise as their self time yet upon further consultations I find out that the yoga, pilates or boxing class etc is causing more stress. You see any movement can be both stressful or a stress release, depending on your body, your biological make-up, your day, and your lifestyle. Slot Game Online.

So please choose wisely, it is the everyday choices we make that accumulate in our bodies as stress. Listen to your body, watch your lifestyle and grow with holistic health and wellness. Read More About Fashion Article, Sejarah Fashion, Apa Itu Fashion.

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