Founded in the spring of 2012, PinstripesandTweed.com is unique from the other lifestyle blogs in that we're based in Michigan and not Chicago, Los Angeles or New York. In short: We were founded by discerning gentlemen for discerning gentlemen.

This is the sort of place where classic style, albeit updated for contemporary times, never goes out of style, unless it's a pair of spats. We also can't decide whether or not to use an Oxford comma, but we digress.

By now, you're probably wondering about our name. Why PinstripesandTweed.com and what does it mean? If you have to ask — frankly, you should know — it refers to the old tradition that a gentleman wore pinstripes in the boardroom and tweed in the country.

Contacting us

PinstripesandTweed.com is edited by Dennis Lennox, a public affairs consultant and columnist for The Morning Sun, a daily newspaper of record.

For all enquiries, please e-mail pinstripesandtweed@gmail.com.