Friday, December 5, 2014

Would you wear a thousand-dollar off-the-peg jacket?

Nine hundred and ninety-five dollars. Just five dollars short of a grand. That's the price of an off-the-peg sport jacket from Bills Khakis, the American-made brand best known for, well, chinos.

PHOTO courtesy of Bills Khakis.

Sure, the jacket's cloth has provenance. It's Harris tweed, after all. And Harris tweed is the granddaddy of all things tweed.

Yet for its price one can commission a made-to-measure — heck, even bespoke — tweed jacket in their exact size with the exact details they want from any number of tailors. A discerning gentleman might even be able to get two made-to-measure sport jackets for less than the price of one jacket from Bills, if they go with an oriental tailor.

Still, look at the shoulders of the sport jacket from Bills (available here). They do look perfect.

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