Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Does this orphaned suit jacket work with jeans?

We've long been fans of Lander Urquijo, not least because the Spanish haberdashery fulfills our #menswearporn addiction with an endless amount of visual stimulation of all things sartorial posted on a near-daily basis across its social media channels.

But one recent picture (see below) of what appears on first glance to be a tweed jacket paired with denim jeans stood out.

PHOTO courtesy of Lander Urquijo.

Wearing denim jeans with a blazer or sport jacket has been in style for years now. That isn't the issue.

At issue is what's clearly an orphaned suit jacket, though the tweed suit jacket admittedly looks much better with denim jeans as opposed to say a super-120s navy pinstripe suit jacket. In fact, if you didn't know better you might think the orphaned suit jacket was actually a sport jacket. 

Worn casually without the waistcoat and necktie, the jacket in question would easy work with denim jeans, to say nothing of chinos or corduroy pants. It's the added formality of the waistcoat, as well as the necktie, that makes it an extremely difficult look to pull off.

People might think you forgot the matching pants at the dry cleaner.

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