Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Buying Guide: 3 things to buy right now, Black Friday edition

The following is part of's annual Christmas Buying Guide

By now, you've probably ate too much turkey and had one too many slices of pie to fit into your slim-fit clothes. You might even be fed up with that first cousin, once removed, who you only see at the holidays every year.

You're probably even wanting to get out of the house for the Black Friday sales that start in earnest tonight, but you know that's a bad idea because there aren't any real savings to be had over what's available online. Plus, the crowds of crazy folks are just too much for you to handle.

That's why we're here.

We've done the hard work to find you the best of the best — and we're starting this Christmas Buying Guide off with the three must-buys from Polo Ralph Lauren.

And best of all? You can order with a click of the computer's mouse or a swipe on the touchscreen. No visit to the mall is required.

PHOTOS courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren.

3. Equestrian-inspired belt

This works with denim jeans, corduroy pants and chinos. Available in three colors, though the green/wine is the smart choice ($32.99; available here).

2. Tartan sport shirt

A muted tartan, this shirt has a nice spread collar. It would be perfect under a tweed herringbone sport jacket. You could even wear it with a wool or cashmere knit necktie ($62.65; available here).

1. Go-to-hell penny loafers

Speaking of tweed herringbone, here it is in the form of American-made suede penny loafers. Just reserve these swanky loafers for special occasions, such as the upcoming Christmas party ($237; available here).

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