Friday, October 31, 2014

What to wear: The under $30 sweater from Uniqlo

PHOTO courtesy of Uniqlo.

This correspondent bought two of Uniqlo’s lightweight 100% merino wool sweaters (available here) at the end of summer in 2013 as transitional pieces. However, the sweaters turned out to be perfect for anyone who spends considerable time inside or needs something that can fit underneath a sport jacket or blazer.

Both sweaters held their own all fall and winter last year, despite heavy use (at least twice a week). In fact, both are still in good condition except the elbows have given way. Outside of this, there has been zero pilling, unlike say the much more expensive merino or cashmere sweaters found at big-name department stores.

The best price is the price: Under $30 — $29.90 to be exact. 

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