Wednesday, September 24, 2014

T.M. Lewin looks to Scotland for its autumn/winter collection

T.M. Lewin, best known for classic British-style shirts, has been heavily promoting its new autumn/winter collection for a few weeks now.

Inspired by the Highlands of Scotland, the offerings in the aptly named “Highlander” collection are the epitome of what is known as “smart casual” on the other side of the pond.

And the latest publicity effort came with the release of a promotional short film (see above). The verdict from this correspondent on what’s effectively a subtle, long-form advertisement? Job well done.

The scenery, the soundtrack and even the cinematography was darn good. It certainly appealed to me, or at least the subtle and not so subtle titillations did. It made me think that’s what will happen to me if I come across an attractive young lady while walking about the Highlands. Also, it might have just been this correspondent's eyes, but both models looked a bit like James and Pippa Middleton, the fashionable siblings of the Duchess of Cambridge and in-laws of the future king.

There are some very nice tweed jackets, which, at least based on T.M. Lewin’s own photographs, seem to have natural shoulders.

While some of T.M. Lewin’s past jackets — blazers, sport jackets, suit jackets — have actually been pretty decent for off-the-rack, the shoulders have typically been very padded to the point where even the best tailors couldn't make a jacket look good unless the shoulders were just right.

As always, if you decide to buy from T.M. Lewin be sure to compare the prices on the U.S. and U.K. websites, as sometimes the price is actually cheaper when you buy in British pounds.

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