Monday, August 11, 2014

Think tartan when commissioning a jacket for fall

The time is now to commission a custom sport jacket for autumn and winter.

Whether it is made-to-measure or bespoke, you should begin planning what to wear when temperatures require tweed to be pulled from the back of the closest sometime in October or early November, depending on where you live. After all, the last thing you want is to wait and then find out that nothing can be delivered before Christmas.

The tartan jacket pictured below caught’s attention as perfect sartorial inspiration for a custom sport jacket, especially if you already have a few standard tweed jackets and want something a little bit more playful. You might even call this a go-to-hell jacket.

PHOTO courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren.

While you can buy this sport jacket from Polo Ralph Lauren ($895; available here), you will pay a significant sum for something that wasn't even made for you.

And if you do use this as inspiration for a commission, here are some stylistic considerations:
  • Hacking pockets.
  • Ticket pocket.
  • Patch pockets.
  • Side vents.
  • Partial lining (especially important if being worn inside).
  • Surgeon’s cuffs.

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