Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New book on boating blazers


The momentum is growing around a new coffee table book on boating blazers.

You may recall told you about "Rowing Blazers" last year. Back then, the book by Jack Carlson, who collaborated with #menswear personality F.E. Castleberry, was mostly a concept. That's not the case now.

"Rowing Blazers" has been available across the pond since early summer, when Carlson launched the book with a fancy party at Ralph Lauren's London store.

Since then, the book — full of #menswear porn — has received considerable attention in magazines, blogs and other outlets, including the U.K.'s Daily Mail newspaper. Now "Rowing Blazers" is available here in America.

No announcement has been made yet, but sources tell Carlson is working on launch parties in New York and Washington. Boston would seem likely too.

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