Thursday, July 3, 2014

The ultimate go-to-hell jacket is at Club Monaco

Looking for something that will cause a menswear sensation?

Then consider the one of a kind jacket from Club Monaco ($575; available here) pictured below. 

PHOTOS courtesy of Club Monaco.

Call it a go-to-hell jacket. And for those with a lot of sartorial confidence, wear it with the matching pants for a suit that will undoubtedly be the talk of whatever social affair you wear it to.

Made right here in America out of lightweight cotton, the jacket features what Club Monaco is calling a "botanical-inspired print."

It features a perfectly executed three-roll-two lapel, hook vent and two sleeve buttons with non-functional cuffs. Real surgeon's cuffs are nice, but they can be a major hassle — a big burden on the wallet — for those needing their sleeves shortened. That's especially true for those outside major cities, who more often than not are forced to rely on strip mall tailors as opposed to a master tailor for alterations.

The only downside are the patch pockets, which would look better without the flaps and if they had been paired with a third patch pocket at the chest instead of the welted breast pocket.

This latest jacket from Club Monaco is pretty damn cool. Sure, it's not for everyone. Still it wouldn't be that hard to wear sensibly. Think solid color shirt with a bowtie or a solid knit necktie. Don't forget a pair of classic loafers.

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