Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ignore the purists and wear shorts on hot days

Last week there was a lot of buzz amongst both the #menswear-types and those in the mainstream media (see here, here and here) over a J. Crew suit that features shorts instead of pants.

Most decried the suit as hideous, which was somewhat true.

Yet in reality, it was a practical adaptation to the intense heat of summer, which this correspondent experienced yesterday and the day before in Washington, the nation’s capital, when temperatures rose above 97 degrees. (Even the few gentlemen in seersucker struggled to stay cool in this warm of weather!)

Granted, many lines of work would never allow shorts in the office, but those with a bit of dress code flexibility might find a pair of khaki colored chino shorts to be a viable sartorial option on the most unbearable of days.

If not, then be sure to bring extra bottles of deodorant. You also better hope the taxi has working air conditioning. 

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