Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A tweedy pilgrimage to A Hume (with photos)

A few days back this correspondent made a pilgrimage to A Hume, the family-owned haberdashery in the Scottish Borders.


While staying true to its heritage in Kelso, A Hume has also transformed itself by concentrating on its digital storefront. This has resulted in Sweden and the United States becoming its biggest markets outside of the home front.

As with O'Connell’s Clothing in Buffalo, A Hume is one of those places that every #menswear enthusiast should visit if given the chance.

What makes A Hume unique — besides its super-old building in a picture-perfect town that offers tourists the best of both England and Scotland — is a location within driving distance of many of the well-known Scottish weavers and other renowned manufacturers of classic clothing and accessories. It would be the perfect first stop on a sartorial tour of Scotland.

Not only do Archie and Karen Hume, the proprietors of A Hume, provide excellent — and, regretfully, old-fashioned — service, but they went out of their way to welcome this correspondent with a full, behind-the-scenes tour of the shop. The only thing missing were the beautiful tweed-wearing ladies seen in its advertisements.

This correspondent also had a chance to try on some of the beautiful tweed sport jackets from Magee and Bladen sold by A Hume. 

Of particular note, Archie confirmed A Hume is working on its own private line of tweed jackets. This would be great, as the thought of buying tweed a stone’s throw from the aptly named River Tweed is pretty cool.

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