Thursday, May 8, 2014

Noble style

Times have changed, but many in the nobility still have a life of incredible style and grandeur.

Sure, the death taxes in the wake of World War II — to say nothing of societal changes following the Great War (just watch "Downton Abbey") — had a massive impact on Britain's establishment. There was also the loss of political powers amongst those whose life inspired much of Ralph Lauren’s sartorial endeavors over the years.

One such man is the Duke of Beaufort, pictured below.
PHOTO courtesy of "An English Room."

The picture of the duke was published in the book "An English Room." It shows him sitting in his house, which is said to be "the type of home most of us can only dream about."

The crispy pressed denim jeans seem a bit odd, but a duke is allowed to be a bit of an eccentric.

And note the watch worn over his shirt cuff. This was also favored by style icon Gianni Agnelli, who The Wall Street Journal called "the godfather of style."

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