Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thinking spring with Lander Urquijo's #menswear porn

If you need some sartorial inspiration on this first day of spring then head over to Lander Urquijo.

Lander Urquijo, which started off as a Spanish haberdashery before expanding to include a Paris branch, is a perfect example of how the internet, and by extension social media, can give an obscure brick and mortar shop a cult-like following.

Take this lovely shirt, which was recently highlighted on Lander Urquijo's Tumblr channel of #menswear porn.

PHOTOS courtesy of Lander Urquijo.

This shirt would pair perfectly with an unstructured navy blazer (see below) and chinos or dark denim jeans. For shoes, think suede loafers.

The blazer, also from Lander Urquijo, might be a bit too heavy for warmer climates, but is otherwise perfect for sartorialists in four-season locales.

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