Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Don't shop at Suitsupply unless you want to be called 'dude'

PHOTO courtesy of Suitsupply.

Now Suitsupply has stores across the country, including in Chicago, Atlanta and Washington.

Think of Suitsupply as a stylish and better quality version of Men’s Wearhouse. You will find everything you need — suits, sport jackets, blazers, shirts, neckties, shoes, socks — all in a very trendy style with in-house tailoring services also offered to ensure the proper fit.

After a couple of years of wanting to make a purchase, this correspondent finally decided to buy something from Suitsupply in Washington’s posh Georgetown neighborhood.

PHOTO courtesy of Suitsupply.

While Suitsupply — perhaps best known for raunchy advertising that is way more naughty than Abercrombie & Fitch — is visually appealing with all the right looks, it failed at adhering to basic norms of customer service.

After walking into the Washington store and browsing about for a few minutes, a Suitsupply sales clerk approached and instead of a polite welcome (“Good evening, sir” or “Hello”), the sales clerk said: “Hey, dude!”

This correspondent gave the sales clerk the benefit of the doubt and ignored his disrespectful and ill-mannered greeting. After all, this might have been his first day on the job.

Then it happened again, at which point this correspondent retorted that he was a “sir” and not a “dude.”

The sales clerk then disappeared and a colleague of his eventually took over for him after several minutes of this correspondent standing around half-measured.

While the new sales clerk was polite and offered a higher level of service, the bad experience from his colleague was enough to tarnish Suitsupply.

In the end, no purchase was made and this correspondent will be extremely unlikely to ever step foot in Suitsupply again.

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  1. I think you're missing the word "want" in the title there.

    I'd agree that SuSu doesn't have the most professional image and it's too bad that you didn't like the customer service, but I think writing off the brand due to the word "dude" is too extreme (especially if you have no experience with their product). You should consider trying something from their online store, since their return policy is quite good and you won't have to interact with any sales reps. I completely agree that the manner in which a company conducts itself is an important aspect of the experience, but I don't think there's enough here to really constitute a "review".

    Anyway, that's my two cents. No agenda, just a happy SuitSupply customer.

    Ian (