Monday, February 3, 2014

The Harris Tweed sport jacket you'll want to buy

Autumn is the probably the last thing on your mind what with temperatures continuing to fall and snow still in the forecast.

Yet it's not too early to begin budgeting for a special addition to your autumn wardrobe.

And one of the things you should consider adding is the limited edition Callum Harris Tweed sport jacket (pictured below).

PHOTOS courtesy of The Fine Swine.

While off-the-rack, the jacket's details — hacking pockets, ticket pocket, side vents, colorful red lining and under-collar melton, elbow patches and real leather buttons — give it a bespoke look and feel.

Not only is this genuine Harris Tweed, but it being a limited edition means you can wear it without worrying about encountering someone in the exact same jacket.

Available on a pre-order basis from The Fine Swine, the Callum sport jacket is listed until March 15 for $350 (it will then sell for $475) with a delivery date of mid-August. 

Oddly, the jacket isn't available on the website right now, but can be ordered by calling John Hickman, the proprietor of The Fine Swine, at +1 240/426-3437.

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