Tuesday, February 18, 2014

High-end neckties for less

Need a new necktie? Look no further than The Dark Knot.

The Dark Knot recently provided this correspondent with three neckties for review purposes. Among them were a classic red, white and blue striped necktie and a very Hermes-looking necktie that featured a light purple printed design.

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The $45 price tag may be far below the high-end name brands, but the quality is on par with the very expensive neckties sold by upscale department stores and others. They would easily be $100-plus neckties if purchased in a brick and mortar store.

One thing that really stood out was packaging, as the neckties arrive in a fancy box perfect for business travelers who may otherwise struggle to find a place in their suitcase to stuff away a couple of neckties. This attention to detail — not everyone cares about the packaging — is impressive and says a lot about The Dark Knot. Of course, it also makes for a great first impression.

The bottom line: Whether it’s the interlining, the quality of the silk or the high craftsmanship, the neckties from The Dark Knot are of the highest quality.

The only thing that could be improved is a better range, especially for those wanting authentic preppy style by way of regimental stripes.

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