Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Buying Guide: The last-minute gift ideas

Editor's note — The following is part of's 2013 Christmas Buying Guide. Review the entire Christmas Buying Guide by clicking here.

Whether you procrastinated or you just enjoy the thrill of last-minute Christmas shopping, time is running out to find that special gift.

While Amazon guarantees delivery if an order is placed today with one-day shipping, many other retailers will take a full day to process the order meaning you’re probably out of luck if you want to take delivery by Christmas.

That leaves you with one option: Go outside and head to the store.

Granted, this isn't option for everyone. After all, most readers can't drive to Savile Row. (Those Londoners are sure lucky!)

However, the discerning gentleman can still find some great gifts locally.

Consider the authentic Harris Tweed sport jacket at select J.C. Penney department stores (reduced to $79 at the weekend). It may not be made-to-measure, but for $79 it's one heck of a deal.

PHOTO courtesy of Nordstrom.

Another great choice are the always-classic Hunter boots at Nordstrom (pictured above). Despite being sold as women's boots, they're actually unisex. And whether you wear these boots with tweed, denim jeans or corduroy pants, you're bound to get compliments as, regretfully, Hunter boots aren't a common sight on this side of the pond.

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