Tuesday, November 26, 2013

J. Press struggling to attract a new generation of customers

J. Press in 1954. Photo courtesy of Life.

It hasn't been an easy year for J. Press.

Though this is something every business dreads, it's hardly the biggest challenge facing J. Press.

Rather, J. Press is struggling to bring in a new generation of customers. Sure, J. Press has a cult-like following amongst sartorial traditionalists and Neo-Prepsters, but its high prices make the clothing unaffordable for most collegians except the most blue-blooded of Ivy Leaguers.

At least that's what the Yale Daily News, the university's student newspaper, found when it reported recently that "college students only occasionally shop there."

Here's an excerpt from the newspaper's reporting:
Yale students expressed indifference to the relocation, and the majority of students interviewed said that the store is too expensive for the typical students’ modest budget. Of 18 male students interviewed, only three said that they had ever shopped at J. Press, and five said they had never heard of the store before.

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