Friday, October 25, 2013

The stylish new suede shoes from Frank & Oak

Colored shoes have been trending, especially amongst the #menswear dandies on Tumblr and Twitter, for about a year now, though there weren’t many options if you wanted something between the super-expensive shoes on one end of the spectrum and the overpriced junk made in an Oriental sweatshop.

At least that was the case until yesterday, when Frank & Oak released its first-ever shoe collection.

The result of a special collaboration with Aldo’s Little Burgundy, the genuine suede shoes — vintage-inspired derbies and authentic brogues — are made in Portugal. Also in the collection are what Frank & Oak is calling “no-fuss chukka sneakers” (think a classic chukka boot with a traditional sneaker or tennis shoe sole).

PHOTO courtesy of Frank & Oak.

In particular, the navy brogues ($140; available here) pictured above add a bit of style to an otherwise casual weekend look.

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