Monday, October 7, 2013

The cross-dressing ladies who look better than you

Something is wrong when ladies look better in menswear than many gentlemen.

But that was the case at the weekend, at least in The Wall Street Journal.

PHOTO by Mackenzie Stroh for The Wall Street Journal.

Reporting for the newspaper, Alexa Brazilian found a growing number of ladies are turning to the established shirtmakers and tailors. And apparently, this is nothing new:
Borrowing from the boys—and men—is a time-honored tradition in which some of history's most alluring women have partaken. Katharine Hepburn wore Brooks Brothers' cashmere turtleneck sweaters for most of her life. Marlene Dietrich was fond of slinking around in the same company's silk dressing gowns. Brooks Brothers was also popular (and still is) with the East Coast boarding school set. Its double-breasted boys camel coat gained a strong following with private-school girls after it first launched in 1910. It even became part of the unofficial uniform of Miss Porter's in Connecticut, the alma mater of glamorously sporty girls like Jackie Kennedy and Gloria Vanderbilt. And Coco Chanel built an entire brand by raiding her male companions' closets, nicking hunting tweeds and cardigans, which became the foundation of her singular designs.

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