Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What to wear: The patch pocket blazer from Magee

There is something  je ne sais quoi about a navy blazer.

Though a blazer that is worn incorrectly (yes, there are rules!) or poorly tailored can make one look like a security guard, a proper blazer is very elegant.

However, finding the perfect blazer has always been difficult, at least until now.

Ireland’s Magee, best known for Donegal tweed, is out with a blazer (pictured below) that may just be the best off-the-rack option on the market.

PHOTOS courtesy of Magee.

The best part? The price. Listed for £189.95 or approximately $295.29 (available here), the blazer is reduced to under $250 if the customer resides outside the European Union.

As for the details, Magee gets everything right: Patch pockets, including the breast pocket, side vents, pick stitching, fancy lining and high-quality 100 percent wool.

Styling tips: The patch pockets will really set you apart from most of the other blazer-clad gentlemen, who will be wearing chinos or solid gray pants.

PHOTO courtesy of Brownshoe/FilmNoirBuff.com.

A better choice is something with a pattern. Herringbone pants (pictured above), such as these from Lands’ End, with penny loafers and a knit necktie would work quite well for a quiet day in the office or an after-hours reception.

For a more contemporary look that doesn’t sacrifice the refined nature of the blazer, dark slim-fit denim jeans with suede loafers or chukka boots is a smart choice.

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