Monday, August 12, 2013

Timeless elegance: The tweed sport jacket

PHOTO courtesy of Tumblr/The Armoury.

An elegant suit may be the pinnacle of post-war style, but a finely tailored sport jacket can often be more refined.

That’s the thesis of a recent article by Tom Stubbs of How to Spend It, the online publication of the Financial Times:
Tweed tailored jackets intended for British country pursuits have been misappropriated since the 1920s, so for some the sports jacket never left the field of play. But now it’s re-entering the mainstream, thanks to the intersection of two current style trajectories: the taste for tweed and traditional fabrics, and the vogue for wearing tailored jackets as smart-casual separates. 
The sport jacket, traditionally relegated to the English countryside, has become common attire in America for gentlemen engaged in commerce, at least those in flyover country, or the pursuit of knowledge on ivy-covered campuses.

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It's also prominent in the wardrobe of discerning chaps in the south of Europe, as Stubbs noted:
Italians, meanwhile, have their own special relationship with the sports jacket. “It’s as important [to the Italian man] as a suit is for an English gentleman,” explains Pal Zileri’s creative director Yvan Benbanaste. “It is considered as elegant as a suit. More than that, it is a better way to express personal taste.”

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