Monday, August 26, 2013

A patchwork tweed sport jacket for autumn

The autumn collection from York Street, the contemporary line offered by iconic clothier J. Press, features a pretty awesome spot jacket.

PHOTO courtesy of J. Press.

Granted York Street's Carver tweed sport jacket (pictured above) is very informal, but it would be perfect for anyone willing to make a statement in the same way as they might wear go-to-hell pants during the warm weather.

At $645 it's a bit expensive, though it does come with all the right details: three-roll-two lapel, side vents and patch pockets (a patch breast pocket would have been great). The only thing missing are elbow patches.

Styling tip: This would be perfect for a college football tailgate this autumn. Just wear the jacket with a pair of suede chukka boots, denim jeans or corduroy pants and colorful socks. On a cold day, a schoolboy or regimental striped scarf will keep you warm in style.

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