Friday, August 23, 2013

A European take on prep

Finding a prep in Europe can be difficult.

What passes for preppy in the Old World, at least on the continent and not the British Isles, is vastly different than on this side of the pond.

An example is the gentleman pictured below.


He’s taken a navy blazer, albeit one in keeping with the shorter-than-normal jacket length trend, and paired it with a classic button-down collar shirt.

Instead of chinos, he’s wearing dark trim-fit denim jeans and suede chukka boots. Adding a flash of color are his lilac socks. The belt, which is worn with the buckle on the side, is the only element of this ensemble that’s over-the-top.

If dark denim isn’t your thing, moleskin or Levi’s 511 twill pants would work quite well and achieve the same thing.

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