Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What not to wear: Improving his style, part 2

PHOTO by PinstripesandTweed.com.

The gentleman pictured above was spotted on the streets of Traverse City last week before all the fudgies, which in the language of the year-round inhabitants of Michigan’s cottage country means tourists, invaded town for the annual National Cherry Festival.

He may not be as dapper as the propitiator of the local haberdashery, but he has a neat appearance in part because of a snazzy sport jacket that is seasonally appropriate.

While he receives a grade of ‘C’ for his effort, there is plenty of room for improvement.

Here is how you can avoid his sartorial follies:

Jacket — Overall, the jacket, presumably off-the-rack, fits reasonably well. The shoulders aren’t a perfect fit, as the padding is clearly visible at the shoulder blade. The shoulders of a jacket are the most important element of achieving a perfect fit. While just about everything else can be altered by a competent tailor, not much can done if the shoulders are off.

Shirt — A plain white shirt is considered very formal and quite appropriate for working in the city, provided it’s worn with a suit. Though a sport jacket with necktie at work is generally accepted these days, wear something with a faint bit of color or pattern. In this case, a miniature Gingham check or solid pink shirt would pair quite well with this sport jacket.

Necktie — This yellow silk necktie compliments the light overcheck of the sport jacket. It’s also a very conservative choice for one engaged in banking or commerce. At the same time, it, like the solid white shirt, comes off as a bit too reserved. This necktie is also very reminiscent of Herman Cain during the campaign for the Republican Party's presidential nomination in 2012.

Pants — The pants in question appear to be black, but could also be a dark shade of charcoal. Either way, the pants are too dark for wearing with a white shirt and light blue sport jacket. A light gray, brown or khaki colored pair of pants would be a better choice.

Shoes — As with the pants, dark just doesn’t work. Opt instead for brown or cordovan loafers.

Miscellaneous — A simple pocket square — in plain white cotton or linen — neatly folded over is a must-have accessory for all gentlemen. If one is concerned about looking serious — an important consideration for those who manage other people’s money — then either tuck the pocket square a little further into the jacket’s breast pocket or don’t wear a sport jacket, which by definition is casual. 

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