Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just Madras has the shorts you need

Autumn clothing may be appearing on store shelves, but there's still plenty of time to wear the ultimate summer classic: Madras shorts.


For the perfect pair of madras shorts head to the aptly named Just Madras, which has shorts in four different patchwork madras patterns. For Michiganders, the Mackinac Island is a natural choice, though the Great Island pattern (pictured above and below) is bit more classic.

Not only are the shorts of excellent quality, but they're also made in America — Massachusetts to be exact.

The bottom line: For $98, the shorts from Just Madras are an outstanding value that would look great with a summer-weight navy blazer — for the peacocks out there, consider seersucker — and loafers. Just consider ordering a size larger, as the shorts have a trimmer fit.

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