Monday, July 29, 2013

Harris Tweed coming to a J.C. Penney near you

J.C. Penney is out with a preview of its fall collection, which is the first since the department store found itself in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

A great deal of uncertainly remains and this fall’s collection is likely the last one fully under the inspiration of ousted chief executive officer Ron Johnson and former menswear design head Nick Wooster.

One of the notable items in the collection are genuine Harris Tweed sport jackets, which could find themselves marked down to unbelievably low prices considering J.C. Penney’s heavy reliance on coupons and gimmicky sales promotions.

PHOTOS courtesy of J.C. Penney.

The jackets, sold under the in-house Stafford brand, will be available beginning in September with an initial price of $300.

Hopefully, the fit will be better than some of the other J.C. Penney jackets, which have had heavily padded shoulders and poor fits.

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