Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From A Hume on the banks of the River Tweed to your closet

Tweed is very much an addiction for many of our readers and followers of the #menswear social media sub-culture.

Whether it’s Harris, Yorkshire or Donegal, one can never get enough tweed.

This never-ending crave for tweed can be fulfilled at places like A Hume, the quaint haberdashery near the (how appropriate!) River Tweed in the small Scottish Borders town of Kelso.

A Hume is a tweed lover’s paradise — it should always be one of the first places you check when in search of the perfect tweed jacket.

Just look at this jacket (pictured below), which has been marked down to £245 (approximately $365, as of writing) for a mid-season sales promotion.

PHOTO courtesy of A Hume.

Made by Bladen this striking sport jacket with its lavender and blue over-check pattern is perfect for autumn and spring.

It's also very similar to the new Charles Tyrwhitt hacking jacket, but for a lot less money. 

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  1. I love the jacket, but although it most certainly picks up the colour from the trousers and technically they match, I would have worn it with a darker and different pair of trousers.