Monday, June 17, 2013

Upon closer inspection: Flawed style in the style section of The New York Times

Sunday's edition of The New York Times had a dapper looking gentleman above the fold on the famed style section (pictured below).

PHOTO courtesy of Erin Baiano/The New York Times.

At first glance, Luke Janklow is a stylish sort of fellow who looks perfect, however, a closer inspection of the photograph reveals several things wrong with his outfit.

To be clear, Janklow does get the basics — dark denim jeans, suede belt, button-down collar shirt, a vest-cum-waistcoat — right.

Yet he failed to get the details right, which would have elevated his style to the level appropriate for the style section of one of the world's finest newspapers.

The following are three quick fixes to Janklow's look.
  • Waistcoat: His green cardigan sweater vest works well, but it's a tad too short (he looks rather tall) and the bottom button shouldn't be fastened. 
  • Blazer: The wider lapels are nice. In fact, you'll probably start to see more of this, as wider lapels are making a comeback after years of very narrow "Mad Men"-style lapels. A classic three-roll-two blazer would be more appropriate for this look. Janklow did fall victim to the cult of extra-short  jackets, which have plagued menswear of late. A trimmer cut jacket works well, but anything more than a half-inch shorter than normal risks coming off as too fashionable.
  • Pocket square: Wearing a pocket square should go without saying. A classic solid white pocket square in linen or cotton is the finishing touch that most gents, Janklow included, forget.

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