Thursday, June 27, 2013

The ultimate go-to-hell boating blazer?

Unlike madras sport jackets, which have always had a whimsical or go-to-hell connotation, boating blazers have a certain pedigree.

Though more commonplace today, especially on this side of the pond, the boating blazer retains a certain linkage to old boy clubs — social, sporting — that may give some pause for fear of being seen as an impostor. 

One way to solve this conundrum is to reverse the stripes, which is what discerning gentlemen have long done with regimental neckties to avoid any confusion with the authentic patterns of British regiments.

The result is the boating blazer worn by Italian fashion writer Angelo Flaccavento (pictured below).

On first glance, this could be seen as the ultimate go-to-hell boating blazer. However, a closer inspection reveals some issues with this particular blazer:
  • Cropped jackets — what in past times would have been called a coatee — have been fashionable for a couple of seasons now, but this is just too short. It also doesn't help that Flaccavento is by no means short, at least judging from the photograph in question.
  • The high gorge — where the jacket's collar and lapels join together to form a notch — just doesn't look right. It's a trend that, regretfully, is probably here to stay, at least for a couple more seasons, according to Put This On.
  • The significant collar gap, which is a plague to discerning gentlemen everywhere.
Flaccavento's boating blazer is without a doubt loud. Some might even call it obnoxious and over the top, especially when paired with the Gingham check shirt.

On the other hand, this really isn't any more whimsical than a traditional boating blazer. The only real difference are the horizontal stripes, as opposed to the traditional pattern of vertical stripes.

And its this uniqueness that makes it worth considering if commissioning a made-to-made or bespoke boating blazer.


  1. Sorry to say but that blazer is horrendous! My advice to this designer is simple, shave and wear something else!

  2. Besides being too short, the blazer is also too tight, and looks ridiculous on a grown man.
    The high buttoned blazer combined with the low rise pants produce the dreaded triangle where the tie, pants and belt show below the button.