Tuesday, June 4, 2013

L.L. Bean has the bag you need

L.L. Bean has the perfect bag for your upcoming summer trip.

Whether it's a few days at the cottage or a weekend adventure in another city, this duffle (or is it duffel?) bag is just what you need.

While not ideal for regular business travelers, who almost exclusively use carry-on roller bags, L.L. Bean's Signature brand duffle bag ($140 for black and $175 for navy; available here) is a great choice for the discerning leisure traveler looking for a bit of old school-style.

PHOTO courtesy of L.L. Bean.

And style is something this bag — an exact reproduction of a bag Maine-based L.L. Bean first offered in 1934 — gets right.

Beyond style, the bag's waxed canvas exterior is so durable that it will surely last for many summers to come.

On the inside is a spacious compartment sure to fit everything you need for a few days away from home.

In fact, you might actually have a difficult time filling it, as there is more than enough space to fit everything pictured below — two pairs of loafers, flip-flop sandals, running shoes and fitness clothing, shorts, a polo shirt, two belts, four pairs of socks, three dress shirts, a suit and sport jacket, toiletry bag and a daily journal  (the unmentionables were left out).

PHOTO by PinstripesandTweed.com.

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