Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Leave the white shirt in the closet when not wearing a necktie

It’s not uncommon to see a gentleman wear a jacket sans necktie, though there's something unnatural about two heads of state — in this case the presidents of China and the United States — going with this look.

While American politicians are known to dress down when out on campaign trail asking for votes every couple of years, the business casual look is nearly impossible to get right at official functions.

The picture below shows the awkwardness of last week’s summit between the two presidents in California.

Both presidents look very unnatural in their navy suits and crisp white shirts. It’s almost as if they woke up, got dressed and then an aide told them to remove their neckties.

Instead of wearing a suit and crisp white shirt, the two presidents should have taken followed the lead of Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder, who almost exclusively wears a sport jacket with a French blue button-down collar shirt.

Snyder’s look may be dull, but a sport jacket is a better choice when deciding not to wear a necktie.

Just be sure to wear a shirt with a little color, as a solid white shirt is way too formal for business casual.

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