Monday, June 10, 2013

F.E. Castleberry introduces you to boating blazers

 Editor's note: This article was corrected to reflect that F.E. Castleberry was a contributing photographer to the book and not its author.

F.E. Castleberry is one of those gents doesn’t need an introduction, unless you don’t follow #menswear on Twitter and Tumblr.

If you don’t know who Castleberry is then read our interview with him or type “F.E. Castleberry” into Bing, Google or whatever internet search engine (is AltaVista still around?) you prefer.

One of his new projects is working with author Jack Carlson on "Rowing Blazers," a new coffee table book on boating blazers. He was one of its contributing photographer.

Though quintessentially British, a boating blazer was once semi-common on gents of a WASP-ish — the “-ish” referring to those who have adopted WASP or high-prep forms of dress — background.

A few years ago, it would have been nearly impossible to purchase a boating blazer on this side of the Atlantic, unless one was willing to wait for something to be shipped from merry ole’ England.

While it is still difficult, the high-prep revival of the past several years has resulted in a rediscovery of the very colorful jacket that is perfect for a summer party or even a casual outdoors wedding.

A preview of the book, which isn’t scheduled for publication until 2014, can be found in this month’s edition of Quest, a New York society magazine.

The pictures are very much in Castleberry’s trademark style and include two beautiful young ladies — he always has a great eye when it comes to women.


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