Thursday, May 30, 2013

The always-proper linen suit

If you thought seersucker was the embodiment of a summer suit you thought wrong.

Now you may have the luxury of living in a locale where the summer warmth never approaches scorching, but if you aren’t that lucky — even Michigan gets a good three weeks of unbearable temperatures — then you need something that doesn’t compromise the appropriateness of a finely dressed gentleman.

That something is linen. And not just any linen, but genuine Irish linen woven by the skilled craftsmen of Baird McNutt.

Lands’ End first collaborated with Baird McNutt to offer a full collection, including two beautiful Glen plaid linen shirts, last summer.

The collection is back for this summer at an incredibly affordable price.

PHOTO courtesy of Lands' End.

The brown herringbone is perfect for every occasion, while the brown Glen plaid, with its green and blue over-check, is best for church, summer weddings and other social affairs.

While the quality guarantee that Lands’ End offers is legendary, it isn’t the best part.

Rather, the best thing is each suit’s sartorial flexibility.

Though clearly meant to be a suit, both the herringbone and Glen plaid jackets can be temporarily orphaned from the accompanying pants and instead worn with chinos or denim jeans as a sport jacket.


The relative availability of made-to-measure means you can certainly do better than off-the-rack from Lands’ End, but it’s going to cost a lot of money for something worn once a week for two or three months.

A better investment would be buying each of the Lands’ End linen suits — for a total of $389.96, at current prices without a discount code — and taking them to a trusted tailor for a perfect fit. Even with an extra $100 in alteration costs, you would have two sport jackets and two suits for only $162 more than the cost of one similar sport jacket from J. Crew.


  1. Great post. Enjoyed the humorous "read the copy" video.

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