Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ivy-style in Toledo

Besides being synonymous with the famed universities of the Ivy League, ivy brings forth connotations of wealthy enclaves full of old money and blue bloods.

A house in the Old West End of Toledo. PHOTOS by PinstripesandTweed.com.

One certainly doesn't think of Toledo, the gritty town once part of Michigan but occupied by Ohio since the 1830s, when they see ivy.

Yet Toledo is full of surprises, including a world-class museum, stunning ivy-covered buildings and grand churches that would never be built today. Certain parts of the city, in particular the Old West End, would easily double as the backdrop of the iconic book "Take Ivy."

Cities such as Toledo were once home to immense wealth. As a result, the leading figures during this gilded age built churches, schools, civic temples and other cultural institutions the Detroit Institute of Arts being a great example — to show off their sophistication.

To this day, many of the impressive buildings remain, albeit more often than not in a state of ruin (see also here).

Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo.

Collingwood Presbyterian Church in Toledo.

A grand English-style home in Toledo.

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