Friday, May 10, 2013

A look at what Prince Harry wears

Prince Harry, the younger son of the very stylish Prince Charles, arrived in Washington on Thursday wearing a very subdued outfit.

On first glance, his suit appears very plain, though upon closer inspection reveals a few details make it stand out from the sea of lounge suits that tend to dominate the halls of government.

PHOTO courtesy of Win McNamee/Getty Images.

The pants are a bit too big in the thighs, though perhaps he's lost a bit of weight. The jacket also gives His Royal Highness a bit of a hunchback, which may be an indicator that this is not a bespoke suit.

As for the details, do note the following:
  • Classic width lapels — a nice departure from the thin lapels that have been dominant the last couple of years, particularly on this side of the Atlantic.
  • A ticket pocket.
  • Functioning surgeon's cuffs.
  • Side-tab buckle adjusters in lieu of a belt.
  • Single pleats.

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