Friday, April 12, 2013

The decline of appropriateness

It’s a sad reflection on the state of society when invitations to next week’s funeral for the late Baroness Thatcher have to specify the dress code.

One would think the sort of guests invited — lords, ladies, heads of government, politicians and so forth — would know what is and is not appropriate to wear.

However, published reports, including this from The Guardian, indicate the invitations specify the dress code for gentlemen as “full day ceremonial without swords” for military attendees. Civilian attendees have the choice of wearing “morning dress (black waistcoat and black tie),” “dark suit” or “day dress with hat.”

The “black tie” is a reference to a dark long necktie and not the black bowtie that is worn with a dinner jacket — popularly known as black tie attire. 

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  1. Fence Club never needed to publish dress requirements for gentlemen attending cocktail hour.