Monday, April 15, 2013

Made in Detroit

There's no separating Detroit from Michigan. Quite simply, Michigan is Detroit.

Though the talk concerning a grand revival in Detroit that regularly fills the pages of newspapers is a good thing as it draws attention to the endless possibilities of Michigan's first city, it's nice to see something  actually happening.

That something is Shinola, which sells watches, bicycles, leather goods and other things.

If the name Shinola sounds familiar it's because the company has been making a major publicity splash of late with its launch of high-quality watches that are not only American-made, but also made in Detroit.

Of course, a single, small manufacturer will hardly turnaround the city first known as the Paris of the West and then the Motor City.

However, it's a start  and, hopefully, a sign that better days are ahead for the city that figuratively and literally made America.

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