Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hart Schaffner Marx for less

Every now and again, you come across a super-deal on eBay.

At under $150, this brand new sport jacket from Hart Schaffner Marx (pictured below) is just one of those unbelievable bargains.

PHOTO courtesy of Hart Schaffner Marx.

While patch pockets would make it perfect, it's tough to find a better value — let alone anything made in America — at this price.

Paired with a solid light blue or pink button-down collar shirt (consider the cutaway button-down collar from Neronote), solid knit or silk motif necktie and suede loafers, the jacket can be worn for an evening with your special lady or to Sunday services at church.In the alternative, a pair of go-to-hell pants (see here and here for more) with or without a necktie makes it appropriate for a cocktail party at the country club or a casual levee.

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