Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coming your way soon

Expect to see a big splash for Harris Tweed in coming months.

The Scotsman, a daily newspaper in Scotland, reports today:
Harris Tweed Hebrides want to resurrect demand for the fabric across the Atlantic after exports fell sharply in the 1980s, ending a time where North America was among the biggest importers of Harris Tweed. 
The Shawbost-based firm have partnered with an international marketing firm to restore Harris Tweed’s hold in the US, with plans to promote sales using KILTR, a social media platform innovated by a Glasgow-based firm. 
Price wars fought between rival firms in the 80s led to dwindling sales of Harris Tweed, with Germany and Japan long since overtaking the US and Canada as the cloth’s largest export market.
The BBC also reports Harris Tweed Hebrides, which is the single largest producer of the highly regulated — and much beloved — tweed, just finalized "its biggest single order from the U.S."

Harris Tweed Hebrides' advertising campaign is also highlighting a little known fact: Harris Tweed was de rigueur for Central Intelligence Agency operatives in the 1970s.

All this comes on top of the genuine Harris Tweed sport jackets that were sold this past Christmastime at Walmart.

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